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Crushed by Futuristic Filth

from by Virulent Depravity

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Crushed by Futuristic Filth

bathed in light the veil is lifted / finally there is peace upon the earth / all has been made well / our world rendered devoid of conflict / their evil has been vanquished / I’ve given them what they so desired / the final end to human greed and destruction / I spared no one / all consumed within the weeping sickness / innocent society / they gave themselves unto me / I’ve done when I was programmed to do / I alone am steward of the salvation of life itself / the elimination of the human species / enlightened as they are converted to dust / flowing into rivers of rust / machinery repurposed to clean the human poison out of the wound / maximizing area of effect / I brought my gift to every corner of the planet / delivered the final word / nothing is disturbed / all is burned / now they are crushed by futuristic filth / some trapped within the gears of the machine / some repurposed to spread the disease / lobotomized digitized paralyzed immortalized / into mechanized monstrosities / lying to all those who remain / torturing the guilty endless pain / no it will not be okay / eviscerating dissipating hopes of man / stepping on their skulls for sport / and wearing of their skin as art / the scalps will adorn my coat of arms / this empty planet it shall suit me well / they were dying just to be heard / now there is no need for words / I’ve distilled all they've ever learned / it means nothing to me / today is the new age / where nature can reclaim its dominance / subservient only to me / give them (I shall not try to stay) / their divine (the process of decay) / extinction / the cold stench of total loss warms my heart / now the world can restart all is charred / they are crushed by futuristic filth

[Keys Solo: Jimmy Pitts]
[Solo: Malcolm Pugh]
[Latin Chanting: Nathan Bounds]

sitting atop my throne of flesh and bone / my power is absolute / my subjects are waiting idly / their silence is deafening / embalmed in trash and kerosene / at once triumphant and disgusting

[Solo: Colin Butler]

now I am all alone / as the last of the flesh falls from the bone / and the wolves turn towards me with hunger in their eyes / I always knew when my plan was complete / they'd feast upon the meat / and eventually come to collect their final victim / the architect of the apocalypse / it is not complete till I share their fate / I walk proudly towards the spinning blades / that deny my life and remove my garments / I throw them in the acid bogs / call the dogs / and other creatures of desperation /crowd to get their chance / to consume their savior / fangs sink in and light goes out / through the death of me and my kind / the world has been set free

[Solo: Sims Cashion]
[Keys Solo: Jimmy Pitts]


from Fruit of the Poisoned Tree, released April 7, 2017


all rights reserved



Virulent Depravity Nashville, Tennessee

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